Our Courses focus on children from 2 to 6 years

We believe in 3 things #happyschooling #stressfreeeducation #rightfoundation with right learning environment.

Do you believe the same way? Then , this is the school for your child.

Let’s understand more…

Divyam’s Pathway in the International & Montessori Way:

Child’s Life experience begins with our preschool and we help them think Big and creative. We respect their individuality and interests, nurture them with aspiration and values through our structured pathway

Playcoop -> Tods  -> Kinders -> Skiers

Read about our Preschool Program ( Playcoop and Tods)

Read about our Kindergarten Program ( Kinders and Skiers)

Our Teaching & Learning Process: 

Its important to know the philosophy behind our school…

We believe that knowledge is the key and education is an integral part of one’s life. The knowledge that is rooted in a child’s mind will help them lead in their life , face and win all situations, become a personality with great values.

  • We provide an interactive learning atmosphere with the structured and open environment and integrated learning tools.
  • We believe teaching and learning have a symbiotic relationship. We understand that learning is a continuous process for both students and teachers. Our teachers are qualified and trained for the international education.
  • Our teachers lead children in small groups in order to provide better focus on individual development. We want students to experience learning without the feeling of having been taught.
  • We, therefore, make learning continuous, enjoyable and absorbing.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                       Excellence in Education Since 2012! Join us!