About us

Who are we?
We are a part of Divyam educational Foundation Trust.

Vision of our Trust: To Create and Empower Leaders of Tomorrow with high quality creative educational system and transformational educational experience

Values of our Trust: Innovation, Integrity, Quality, Commitment, Trust, and Uniqueness

What Do We Do?

Divyam Foundation Educational Trust Operates from Chennai in India. We manage and execute operations and overall execution of Divyam International Preschool and Montessori, and Divyam Teachers Training Academy. Our head office is located in Chennai.

Objective of Divyam School:

To provide the right foundation and joyful educational experience to children thereby imparting values and making learning as an integral part of their life.

Principles of Divyam School: Right Foundation , Happy Schooling , Stress Free Education, Knowledge is the Key.

What do we do to achieve our objectives?

We help our students to be Independent in their thoughts, acts and work. We ensure they express themselves and be what they are totally! This approach help them reach their full potential in all areas of life. When children are deeply engaged and loved, we capture the moment that will transform the constructive energies and dynamic powers of their body and mind to the essential skills and knowledge needed for life.We aim to inculcate values of life, provide positive education for life.

We believe every child is unique and have unique potential and personalities. Our approach and curriculum aim to build the potential, personalities within each individual and prepare them for future. The personalities from our school will intend to lead the future of tomorrow being a good social human being.